Hollow Core Bridge Slabs are first checked and erected on the casting yard before being shipped and installed at the bridge site.

Casting Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs on the Yard
Bridges Stored on the Yard
Hollow Core Bridge ready for Shipping
Large Precast Bridge Bent Caps
Bridge End Walls & Wing Walls

8 ft. x 9" or 12"(H) x 12"(W) Truck Parking Blocks

Transformer Pit Pad
Transformer / Generator Flat Pads

Soundwall Panels, MSE panels and Precast Columns are cast on the yard.  Panels and Columns are custom made for each project.

Exposed Aggregate Soundwall Panels on the Yard
Soundwall Panels with Precast Concrete Columns
Precast Concrete Rounded Turn Column
Rounded End Column
Column with Adjustable Turn Angle
In-Line Square Column
Precast Coping for MSE Wall Panels

If it can be cast in Concrete, we can do it!

All Concrete is made on site giving complete quality control needed to meet strict  design specifications required by the DOT's and PCI.

All Concrete is provided with our in-house Central Mix Plant
Exposed Aggregate Barrier
NCDOT Single Face Side Barriers
NON-DOT Anchor Barriers
NON-DOT Portable Barriers
Parking Blocks
Shoulder Drain Pads

SF Barrier protecting Soundwall